Free Sudoku For Kids Puzzles

Our free printable Sudoku for kids puzzles are designed for kids of all ages. Why should adults have all the fun?

What better way could you teach kids logical reasoning than using Sudoku puzzles? Learning, using our Sudoku puzzles, is fun!

Kids will love to solve our Sudoku puzzles. There is no math to learn. No guessing is ever necessary. Each kid puzzle requires only the most basic logical reasoning.

Sudoku For Kids Puzzle

sudoku for kids At the left is an example of a very easy puzzle for kids.

As you can see most of the cells are already completed. Only two cells are missing from each region.

To begin, I recommend that you print off a copy of Sudoku rules for each of your kids. It will use graphics to illustrate the rules of Sudoku in an easy to understand way.

Next print out a copy of my article How To Play Sudoku. This article will also illustrate the simple logic needed to solve our Sudoku puzzles. Your kid will learn the scanning method that is essential to solving every Sudoku puzzle.

My article on Sudoku Hints has a section titled "Sudoku Hints For Beginners" that will also help your kids to look for the obvious. This technique will be useful in solving our puzzles for kids.

You will need Adobe® Reader to view and print these PDF Sudoku Puzzles. You probably already have it installed.

When you click a puzzle link below, if the puzzle opens, then you already have Adobe® Reader installed and working. If the puzzle does not open, then you will need to download and install Adobe® Reader

Below is Sudoku Essentials' collection of free printable Sudoku puzzles for kids.

Sudoku For Kids Puzzles

kids puzzle 1 kids puzzle 2 kids puzzle 3 kids puzzle 4 kids puzzle 5

kids puzzle 6 kids puzzle 7 kids puzzle 8 kids puzzle 9 kids puzzle 10

Sudoku Works 4 Kids Computer Program Review

Sudoku Works 4 Kids is a computer program designed especially for children. It has very easy to solve 4x4 through 9x9 grids. Exciting and bright colors will appeal to the young folks. Another excellent way for kids to learn Sudoku.

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