Want Sudoku Puzzles To Print?

You will find over 350 Sudoku puzzles to print here at Sudoku Essentials. Plus you have four new puzzles daily at our online game Sudoku Savant.

You will love our large puzzle grids. They give you lots of room to pencil in possible candidates for each cell. If you are not familiar with this technique then read my article How To Play Sudoku. Sudoku Easy To Very Hard eBook

I have puzzles for every skill level. I have a collection of 105 Easy To Very Hard Sudoku puzzles.

This eBook has 20 easy, 40 medium, 30 hard, and 15 very hard Sudoku puzzles. Give them a try. You will have hours if not days of enjoyment.

Fiendish Sudoku

If you are a professional Sudoku solver, then you will love my eBook titled Fiendish Sudoku. This eBook contains 18 fiendish, 76 very fiendish, and 106 brutal Sudoku puzzles. This collection of puzzles will keep you busy for days if not months.

You will find every challenge imaginable. They include naked and hidden singles, pairs, triples, quads, X-Wing, XY-Wing, and locked candidates of both types. Then add in a healthy doze of solving using the colors and multi-colors techniques. You might even find a Gordonian rectangle pattern to solve.

Many of these puzzles will require you to use not one, but as many as six advanced techniques per puzzle or more. I am sure that will keep you challenged!

If that isn't enough, you can find more individual printable Sudoku puzzles with answers on this page and here.

When you run out of solving these puzzles, let me know and I will create some more Sudoku puzzles to print.

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