"What Is The Best
Sudoku Handheld Game?"

Looking to buy an electronic Sudoku handheld game? Beware! Look before you leap. Pictures in online catalogs can be deceiving. I know, I bought the "Do You Sudoku™" handheld electronic game to review.

The product description for this game was essentially non existent. Just a picture, price, and sales pitch for a free toy if I spend $50 (US) or more.

Thinking this might be a touch screen Sudoku game, (the picture showed what I thought was a stylus) I purchased this electronic game.

Low and behold, the stylus was actually a marking pen. The grid wasn't an LCD touchscreen, but a wipe-off board. Electronic? Yes, but... it wasn't what I was expecting.

Still it is an attractive electronic game (sort of) that can generate 10,000 puzzles and check your answers. For the whole honest scoop, read my review on "Do You Sudoku?™" Electronic Game by University Games. Be sure to compare Sudoku handheld electronic games you are thinking about buying here first.

What To Look For In A Sudoku Handheld Game

When looking for a handheld game, you need to take into consideration where and how you will be playing the game. Do you intend to relax on the beach in bright sunlight or indoors?

Not all games will be readable in bright sunlight. Some screens are small and difficult to read under any lighting conditions.

Some Sudoku games will be worthy of your consideration, others are basically cheap junk.

Consider how you want to enter your solutions. Do you want to use a marking pen on a very easy to smudge wipe-off board? Does the need to key-in all of your numbers separately for verification bother you?

Do you like to type in your numbers or do you prefer a true touchscreen electronic game.

Perhaps you want the game to check each entry as you play the game. After all, a mistake will cost you in time and frustration and make your puzzle unsolvable.

Do you want hints as you try to solve a puzzle? Not all Sudoku games can give you any.

What about the size of the screen? How good are your eyes? Do you want the ability to "pencil in" candidates? Maybe a computer program would be better.

There are many Sudoku handheld games on the market. It is my goal to help you find the best solution to your handheld Sudoku needs.

Check these reviews to help you decide what is best for you and your situation. Compare Sudoku handheld electronic games here.

Sudoku Handheld Game Reviews

Do You Sudoku?™ electronic game by University Games. 10,000 electronically generated puzzles, yet you manually write the digits with a marking pen on a removable wipe-off grid.

Three levels of difficulty. Three Grid formations: 6x6 for beginners, the classic 9x9, and a 12x12 for advanced Sudoku players.

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