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Sudoku Match - The platform for Sudoku mashup games

The Black series is a mashup of Sudoku and Word search. Complete the Sudoku grid to find the solution row or column. Use the solution key to find the Solution

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Related Values Chaining

Related Values Chaining extends xy-chaining to analyze row-, column- and box- interactions between chain links and cells that are not part of the chain.

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Any row, column or grid. Pick a candidate and count how many the chosen candidate is in the row, column or grid. Count the cells that are filled in for

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The Intersecting Value

If in a given row a certain number is determined to reside in a certain 3x3 block; and furthermore, that same number for a given column must also reside

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Trustworthy Sudoku Handheld Game Reviews

Before you buy a Sudoku handheld game, check this collection of reliable Sudoku game reviews. Let me get burned, not you. I will give you the straight facts.

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Be The Master Of Evergreen Game – Sudoku Puzzle

So exactly what is Sudoku puzzle game? It is a number placement brainteaser, which calls for you to tap into your reasoning skills. Patience is also a

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Sudoku Puzzle -- Boxout Pattern

Sudoku Puzzle -- Boxout Pattern A true Sudoku Puzzle must be resolvable to only one solution. A Boxout Pattern is a Sudoku Puzzle condition to be avoided

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Sudoku Puzzle -- Shuffle 288

Sudoku Puzzle -- Shuffle 288 Introduction: This article describes and demonstrates how the entries in a single Sudoku puzzle can be shuffled to create

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Sudoku Puzzle Triplets -- Identifying and Understanding

Sudoku Puzzle; Identifying and Understanding Triplets: The “Sudoku Puzzle -- Triplets” example attached can be used as a visual aid to promote the the

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Mirror Readoku - A Sudoku Twist

Fast, focused, head-to-head Sudoku action. Timed, of course - the pace is competitive. Bragging rights are up for the puzzler who finds their numbers first

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Is Sudoku Dragon Worth Downloading? Critical Review Gives Details!

Don't download or buy Sudoku Dragon until you read my Critical Sudoku Dragon Review. Discover the truth about this Sudoku program.

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Sudoku Square and Space Notation

Sudoku Square and Space Notation As we know, a Sudoku Puzzle Template is a 9x9 matrix of 81 Spaces, which are initially all empty. These 81 Spaces are

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Find Naked and Hidden Singles and Pairs First

Yes, everyone says to do that, but no one explains how to do it systematically. Here is how I do it: I first create a frequency distribution of all the

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Sudoku - 54 Clues in 5 Minutes

Sudoku --54 Clues in Five Minutes This methodology is easy to utilize, but the explanation is wordy so stay with me. Start the Clock! There are 9 Squares

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Sudoku Puzzling Materials

Sudoku Puzzling Materials OK... So, minimally all one needs is a puzzle and a pencil (or pen) and it's “Game On!”. But some Sudoku puzzles necessitate

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All Candidacies of # w/in Region Alligned =

Though likely written somewhere in this site already: Two or three of the same candidate forming a line in a region eliminates that candidate as a possibility

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Solve Hard Sudoku Puzzles Using The Links Method

Solve hard Sudoku puzzles in less time using the links method. Don't be stumped. Download the free Links Method eBook by Gus Coyote and discover a new method that will help you be a better solver.

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Sudoku Articles Wanted!

Do you have any Sudoku articles you would like published online? Share them here and see what Sudoku articles others have contributed. This is like a Sudoku forum where you will find unique and ...

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Row of 3

Suppose you have solved three cells in a row (or column) within a region. (Rows with letters, from top; columns with numbers from left.) For instance,

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Using Colors

First I use Orange to mark the start of color mapping,in this example the candidate is (1). - Find a column or row where the candidate is assigned only

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Rule of Two

For difficult puzzles, I've adopted what I call the Rule of Two. Simply put: no cell should ever have more than two numbers it. Using numbers that default

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Not In My Hood( 3x3 Square) - or - The Reject List

Recently, My wife asked me to find a computer program so that she could play the game on her home computer. As her computer is not Intel x86 based, I

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To use the chain strategy, pick a box with only 2 candidates that you would like to solve. Now imagine that the answer to that box is the first candidate.

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Check Empty Cells In A Row Or Column By Process Of Elimination

If a row has three empty cells, look at the columns of the empty cells of that row. If either column contains two of the three missing numbers, then the

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Is Sudoku Works ™ Worth Downloading? Critical Review Gives Details!

Don't download or buy Sudoku Works until you read my Critical Sudoku Works Review. Discover the truth about this Sudoku program.

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In the cell I put a dot for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 When I look

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The Numbers In Order

I am not 100% sure this is the way to go, but look at the square. Is there a 1? If there is not, then look at each row for ones. The rows that do have

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Easy Two Number Referencing

Whenever you have only 2 candidates in your cell, look for couples, triples and quads that go with that cell. When writing the candidates in your cells,

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Forbidden Double X-wing

When you see in two 3*3 squares a pattern that looks almost a double X-wing, you are certain a double X-wing there is forbidden because then there would

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The Ninth Number Of The Grid

When you have 8 of the same number in any combination of 8 of the 9by9 squares, you can always put the ninth number using the scanning method. For example,

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Process of elimination using Dots instead of Numbers

Process of elimination using Dots instead of Numbers. When you are putting possible numbers that can be in a square. Use Dots instead. No need to use

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Follow On Twitter is now on Twitter. Follow my tweets.

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Coupled Pairs

While I use all the methods you give, one of my favorites (which I have not seen in print yet) is to use coupled pairs of numbers. The major drawback of

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How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Learn how to solve Sudoku puzzles and never be stumped again! There are over thirty techniques you need to know in order to solve all Sudoku puzzles from easy to fiendish. Here is how you ...

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Programming Sudoku - Start Here!

Programming Sudoku is a challenge for computer programmers. Could a little advice help you in creating your next masterpiece?

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How To Solve Sudoku

Many people have asked me how to solve Sudoku X-Wing, which is a very hard Sudoku puzzle pattern to identify and solve. Here is a step by step explanation of how you get to the X-Wing pattern in our a

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Sudoku Directions

Many people have asked me for step-by-step Sudoku directions for solving XY-Wing example number 1. If you have been puzzled about how I solved this puzzle, read this article.

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Sudoku Rules

Sudoku Rules Are Simple. It's the solution that's the challenge. Here are the illustrated Sudoku puzzle rules.

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