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Looking for printable Sudoku books? You have come to the right place!

Sudoku Essentials has finally created two Sudoku eBooks. Check this page regularly to find our latest creations. More are planned soon!

I am planning printable eBooks for every level of skill. I know that visitors to Sudoku Essentials range from the beginner to expert.

So it should be no surprise my first book must appeal to all audiences. That is why my first printable Sudoku book is titled Sudoku Easy To Very Hard 105 Addictive Sudoku Puzzles.

It is available below.

Download Sudoku Essentials' Sudoku eBooks and enjoy hours of brain teasing fun. Once you start solving these Sudoku Puzzles, it is hard to stop.

Fiendish Sudoku
200 Challenging Sudoku Puzzles

Fiendish Sudoku

This eBook is not for beginners. This ebook is a challenge. It is recommended for advanced Sudoku solvers.

You will need to know advanced Sudoku strategies and techniques to solve these puzzles. How many? Not one, not two, but sometimes as many as six or more advanced patterns can be found in these puzzles. You will find

  • 18 Fiendish puzzles
  • 76 Very Fiendish puzzles
  • 106 Brutal puzzles

Each puzzle is one large 5 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches per page. You will have plenty of room to pencil in candidates to solve each puzzle. Answers are provided for those who need them. Make a mistake? It is easy to reprint the puzzle and start over when you buy an eBook!

For more information on this Fiendish Sudoku eBook, click here.

Only $9.99 USD

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Sudoku Easy To Very Hard
105 Addictive Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku Easy To Very Hard

I have handcrafted and accurately graded each Sudoku puzzle in this eBook for you. My first Sudoku eBook is comprised of a selection of puzzles for every skill level. You will find

  • 20 Easy puzzles
  • 40 Medium puzzles
  • 30 Hard puzzles
  • 15 Very Hard puzzles

You will have two 3 3/4 inch x 3 3/4 inch puzzles per 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. This gives you room enough to pencil in candidates as needed and yet save paper.

Each puzzle has only one solution. You expected that, right? Chances are you don't need the answers, but they are available at the end of the book.

Click here for more details. Only $4.99 USD

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Each printable Sudoku book is actually a PDF (Portable Document Format) eBook. (No hard cover copies are available at this time.)

You will need Adobe Reader® to view and print these eBooks. Adobe Reader® is free.

Our Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with any eBook on this page, I will refund your money anytime within 30 days of purchase through PayPal.

Simply contact me through our Contact Us form to request a refund.

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