Play Sudoku On Your PC

Sorry, you can no longer play Sudoku Savant online here. This online Flash Sudoku game has been discontinued by its developers because their advertising income source has chosen to cease operations. I tried to buy an online Sudoku Savant self-contained version that didn't need a server to provide the puzzles or even the PC based Sudoku Savant 5G, but was unsuccessful.

I suggest that you do what I do. Buy a PC based game that can generate unlimited number of Sudoku games. They are inexpensive. When you have your own puzzle generator, you do not have to worry if the developer of your favorite Sudoku puzzles goes out of business.

There are several Sudoku programs from which to choose. I wrote a review about several. The most popular are:

  1. Sudoku Dragon
  2. Sudoku Works
  3. Sudoku Works 4 Kids

Read my reviews, then select the program that meets your needs. Try any of the suggested programs for free. Enjoy!


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