Ultimate Sudoku Guide Review

Eric T. wrote The Ultimate Sudoku Guide to give you instructions on how to solve sudoku puzzles. I purchased his eBook to see if it lives up to its name. Don't buy this book until you have read my review.

The Ultimate Sudoku Guide

The Ultimate Sudoku Guide is a fairly lengthly ebook comprised of 105 pages of valuable how to solve Sudoku puzzle information.

If possible, print this ebook on a color printer. Several of the illustrations are in color. If you have a black and white printer as I do, I suggest coloring the puzzle cells using a color highlighter or color pencils. You will need red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, and grey.

The topics this ebook covers include:

  • Naked single.
  • Hidden single.
  • Naked subset.
  • Hidden subset.
  • Block and column / row interactions.
  • Block / block interactions.
  • X-Wing and swordfish.
  • Forcing chains.
  • XY-Wing.
  • Colouring.
  • Trial and Error.
  • Nishio.

What I Like About This eBook

The author explains the logic behind each technique he demonstrates in great detail. I like the clear if, then, else logic approach. He uses this throughout many examples. The author uses many examples to explain some of the most basic logic. This will be most helpful for beginners.

The author also covers topics such as forcing chains, coloring, and Nishio techniques that I don't cover on this website. He even covers five unconventional solving techniques including an Excel solving method.

Do you like variants of Sudoku? You will find seventeen different variations. They are Disjoint Groups, Even and Odd, Extra Groups, Irregular groups, Sum Doku, 25x25, Seventeen overlapping 9x9 puzzles, Sequential puzzle, Diagonals, Diagonals with no boxes, and Overlapping of seven different types.

What I Did Not Like About This eBook

Maybe it is me, but I had some trouble following the first unconventional solving technique. It is definitely not a technique I would use. Maybe, you are different. It doesn't hurt to be exposed to different techniques even if you never use them.

My Overall Rating

I would rate The Ultimate Sudoku Guide as an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest score. The eBook sells for $17.77 USD. The ebook is good, but it is not my favorite. Maybe that is me, and maybe your opinion will differ.

The eBook does give you value for your money. However if you can only afford one Sudoku guide, I would choose the Sudoku Solving Techniques video.

The Sudoku Guide is a nice bound copy to own and read in your easy chair. To purchase your own copy of The Ultimate Sudoku Guide, click here. (new window)

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