30 Sudoku Techniques You Need To Know To Solve Every Sudoku Puzzle!

Neel Mehta's Sudoku techniques video shows you how to solve every Sudoku puzzle. It is like having a private tutor! I bought a copy to see if it is worth buying. Here is my review.

Sudoku Techniques Video

Sudoku Solving Techniques Video Review

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Neel Mehta's Sudoku Solving Techniques video is the perfect solution to your difficulties in solving Sudoku. It is a collection of thirty (30) videos. Each video teaches a specific skill every Sudoku solver needs to know in order to complete a puzzle from very easy to fiendish.

Neel's video series comes in two formats. One for Windows Media player and one for Flash. Each video format is designed to work in your Internet browser.

Just clicking on the 001_sudoku_basics.html file or sud_001.wmv will launch lesson one using the Windows Media player. You will need to select each individual lesson in the same way.

Clicking on the Sudoku Video Tutorials.html will launch the Flash version in your browser. The nice thing about using the Flash version is that all the videos are listed in a menu. This is the recommended version.

Neel's Tutorial Video is great for:

  • Beginners looking for how to get started solving Sudoku.
  • Intermediate solvers looking to improve their skills.
  • Advanced players needing help with the most difficult puzzles.

Here is why Neel's Video is worth buying:

  • Easy to follow lessons.
  • Progressive Sudoku techniques for every skill level.
  • Half the price of similar videos, but offers the same information.

I have covered some of the techniques on this website, but Neel goes into more detail than I do.

For instance, he shows what is an X-Wing, their variations, and just as important, what isn't an X-Wing.

If you have had difficulty in the past understanding and visualizing these techniques, now you can watch how he explains and points out on the video the Sudoku techniques the pros use to solve every puzzle from easy to fiendish.

So what lessons will you find in Neel's video? You will find the following:

  1. Sudoku Basics
  2. Rules of Sudoku
  3. Concepts and Terms
  4. Single Choice
  5. Candidates
  6. Scanning
  7. Elimination
  8. Naked Pairs
  9. Naked Triplets
  10. Naked Quadruplets
  11. Hidden Pairs
  12. Hidden Triplets
  13. Interaction Part 1
  14. Interaction Part 2
  15. X-Wing Column Variation
  16. X-Wing Row Variation
  17. Swordfish
  18. Swordfish - Row Variation
  19. Jellyfish
  20. XY-Wing
  21. XYZ-Wing
  22. WXYZ Wing
  23. Linked Pairs
  24. Grid Coloring Part 1
  25. Grid Coloring Part 2
  26. Multicolors Part 1
  27. Multicolors Part 2
  28. Bilocations Graphs
  29. Nishio Guessing and Backtracking
  30. Sudoku Variations

Neel gives you several free downloads with every purchase. You get 13 PDF files loaded with Sudoku puzzles waiting for you to print and solve.

He even gives you a free Flash Sudoku game. The game is basic. You have to click a button to turn the candidates off then back on to remove unwanted candidates. The game doesn't automatically remove them for you.

I did find one major flaw with the Flash game. The puzzles have multiple solutions. The one puzzle I tried had 183 possible solutions.

A better Sudoku Game would be Sudoku Dragon or Sudoku Works which I have reviewed on this website.

Aside from the less than perfect Free Sudoku game, I did find the video on Sudoku techniques very helpful. If you have been struggling with solving Sudoku, then you need to get a copy of Neel's video.

His approach in describing these oftentimes difficult techniques is refreshing. He makes the difficult simple.

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