Sudoku Savant 5G Review

Sudoku Savant, the popular online game, is now available for any system that can run Adobe Air applications including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux!

Difficulty Levels

No doubt, if you have played our online game, you wished you could have more than four puzzles a day! Now you can! Sapphire Software, Inc. has just released a bundled 5,000 puzzles proportioned in four grades Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Each grade contains 1,250 puzzles.

Sudoku Savant 5G

Sudoku Savant Review

My Overall Rating:

No matter what is your skill level, you will find plenty of puzzles to solve. From simple naked singles to complex X-Wing and Swordfish patterns it will keep you challenged for a long time.

The PC version is very much like the online version you find on this website. The biggest difference is you do not run the program in a browser. You install the program like any other PC or Macintosh game on your computer. Since the program requires Adobe Air, the install program will install Adobe Air if you do not already have it installed.

Sudoku Savant 5G does not have advertisements to slow your puzzle solving since this is a paid version.

In addition to the game, you also get four PDF eBooks of the same puzzles. If you play the game, the software will reference the eBook page of the puzzle and its answer. The game is intended to be a bonus to the eBooks. However, I think you will prefer the game and view the eBooks as the bonus.

Game Rotation

I like the game rotation feature. I find that it helps me to spot hidden candidates easier. When you rotate the puzzle, the vertical columns become horizontal and vice versa. This is the only game I am aware of that has this feature.

Pencil In Markups

Penciling in candidates is a valuable and helpful tool. That is why I like PC games that can automatically handle this task. Sudoku Savant 5G also allows you to manually pencil in your candidates if you prefer.

Turning on or off the candidates for the cells can be done at a click of a button. Want to remove a candidate? Just click on it and it will toggle off. The opposite is true too.


Sudoku Savant 5G provides a progressive multiple level hint system. This allows you to only get as much help as you need. It will also highlight the critical cells helping you to spot the cell's solution or candidate to eliminate.

Beginners will welcome this feature as a teaching aid. Not sure what candidates to eliminate when faced with a XY-Wing or X-Wing pattern? Sudoku Savant 5G can show you and explicitly tell you what candidates to remove.


Want to know what challenges a puzzle will provide? Turn on the optional real-time statistical feedback. It will show you the types of problems remaining in the puzzle. For instance I loaded expert puzzle number 7. The statistics report that it contains 2 X-Wing, 1 Swordfish, 1 XY-Wing block and 1 XYZ-Wing pattern. Plus 22 clues.

Correction Of Mistakes

It is inevitable, that occasionally you may make a mistake. With a click of a button you can tell if your partially solved puzzle is correct. If it isn't, then you can easily undo one step or undo to the last point the grid was error free.

Save Your Puzzle

This program also has an auto-save feature. You don't need to save a partially completed game. It will happen automatically. The auto-save feature will also save your timer setting. Reload a puzzle and resume solving where you left off the last time.


Sudoku Savant is a popular game you will want to own. With 5,000 puzzles to solve in four grades, you will be kept busy for some time. I consider the four PDF eBooks of the same puzzles to be an added bonus. Add in all the hints, and the ability to toggle candidates, I give this program a 4 star rating.

Note: This game is no longer available.

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