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Sudoku Online Book Store - Sudoku Books, Games, Calendars

Check our online book store for the latest Sudoku books, puzzles, electronic handheld touchscreen Sudoku games, wooden Sudoku games boards, Sudoku watches and calendars.Online Sudoku Store

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Sudoku Square and Space Notation

Sudoku Square and Space Notation As we know, a Sudoku Puzzle Template is a 9x9 matrix of 81 Spaces, which are initially all empty. These 81 Spaces are

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Find Naked and Hidden Singles and Pairs First

Yes, everyone says to do that, but no one explains how to do it systematically. Here is how I do it: I first create a frequency distribution of all the

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Sudoku - 54 Clues in 5 Minutes

Sudoku --54 Clues in Five Minutes This methodology is easy to utilize, but the explanation is wordy so stay with me. Start the Clock! There are 9 Squares

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Sudoku Puzzling Materials

Sudoku Puzzling Materials OK... So, minimally all one needs is a puzzle and a pencil (or pen) and it's “Game On!”. But some Sudoku puzzles necessitate

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Sudoku Essentials

Sudoku! Everything you need to know about this addictive puzzle. Come for the knowledge. Stay for the fun.

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All Candidacies of # w/in Region Alligned =

Though likely written somewhere in this site already: Two or three of the same candidate forming a line in a region eliminates that candidate as a possibility

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Sudoku Tips : Learn How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Illustrative Sudoku tips teach you how to solve difficult Sudoku puzzles and games. Learn techniques that will make you a pro.

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Solve Hard Sudoku Puzzles Using The Links Method

Solve hard Sudoku puzzles in less time using the links method. Don't be stumped. Download the free Links Method eBook by Gus Coyote and discover a new method that will help you be a better solver.

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Mirror Readoku - A Sudoku Twist

Fast, focused, head-to-head Sudoku action. Timed, of course - the pace is competitive. Bragging rights are up for the puzzler who finds their numbers first

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