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The Intersecting Value

If in a given row a certain number is determined to reside in a certain 3x3 block; and furthermore, that same number for a given column must also reside

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Double Square Logic

In a Sudoku puzzle, if a number can contain only in B1, B2, A5, B5, that number must be inserted in A5.

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Trustworthy Sudoku Handheld Game Reviews

Before you buy a Sudoku handheld game, check this collection of reliable Sudoku game reviews. Let me get burned, not you. I will give you the straight facts.

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Free Sudoku For Kids Logic Puzzles In PDF Format

Here is Sudoku Essentials' collection of free printable Sudoku for kids logic puzzles. Our very easy Sudoku Puzzles are designed for kids of all ages.

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Be The Master Of Evergreen Game – Sudoku Puzzle

So exactly what is Sudoku puzzle game? It is a number placement brainteaser, which calls for you to tap into your reasoning skills. Patience is also a

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Sudoku Puzzle -- Boxout Pattern

Sudoku Puzzle -- Boxout Pattern A true Sudoku Puzzle must be resolvable to only one solution. A Boxout Pattern is a Sudoku Puzzle condition to be avoided

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Sudoku Puzzle -- Shuffle 288

Sudoku Puzzle -- Shuffle 288 Introduction: This article describes and demonstrates how the entries in a single Sudoku puzzle can be shuffled to create

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Sudoku Puzzle Triplets -- Identifying and Understanding

Sudoku Puzzle; Identifying and Understanding Triplets: The “Sudoku Puzzle -- Triplets” example attached can be used as a visual aid to promote the the

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Mirror Readoku - A Sudoku Twist

Fast, focused, head-to-head Sudoku action. Timed, of course - the pace is competitive. Bragging rights are up for the puzzler who finds their numbers first

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Sudoku Essentials

Sudoku! Everything you need to know about this addictive puzzle. Come for the knowledge. Stay for the fun.

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